I just finished reading The General’s Son by Israeli peace activist, Miko Peled. It is a gripping memoir of his life growing up as the son of famous Israeli General Mitto Peled who was instrumental in the decisive Israeli victory in the 1967 War which led to Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank. After his retirement from the army, General Peled earned his PHD in modern Arabic literature at UCLA and became an activist for peace and reconciliation.

Although I personally do not agree with a One State Solution as the author suggests, I respect his opinion and his ongoing campaign to bring about peace and prosperity for everyone on both sides in this troubled but very important part of the world.

For anyone interested in following Miko’s work, I suggest they look him up on Facebook and follow the links and interviews with Miko and with Rabbi Steve Leder on PBS.org with Travis Smiley. Here you will see two differing but well thought out positions on this grave Middle East situation that will inevitably boil over again unless things change.