The proposed First Nations Education Act will allow Band Councils to operate schools directly and to purchase outside services from the government or the private sector with taxpayer’s money. However, the federal government reserves the right to set and enforce standards and take over if there are problems meeting the bar. Kind of makes sense if they’re paying the bills. First Nations leaders don’t agree.

AFN Chief Shawn Atleo has set down non-negotiable conditions: Native control of education; Statutory funding guarantee; Recognition of native languages and Meaningful engagement.

We have a problem Houston!!: Where in this world do you get “control” along with “guaranteed funding” without accepting to meet educational standards that other Canadians are expected to achieve?

We all agree with recognition of native languages but isn’t this really is a cultural issue that should be dealt with in the home and in the community?

Education is about preparing our youth for a future in a globalized economy, where skin color and ethnicity don’t matter.