A totally apolitical, Youth Community Service Corps should be established to train the thousands of under-served and unemployed aboriginal youth in attainable, practical occupations such as community health care, building construction and maintenance, that will bring immediate tangible benefits to the living conditions within their communities while at the same time providing the participants with both financial and personal incentives that go far beyond what they now receive for hanging around, being depressed and receiving welfare cheques.

For being committed and actively involved in the program, meaningful incentives, public acknowledgement and support by aboriginal leaders and government bureaucrats would provide a public stage whereby participants could become role models for  younger individuals to emulate.

To be successful in the long term and to be respected as real and genuine by the youth peer group, the program must avoid the mistakes of the past and not be allowed to be co-opted by groups or individuals with political agendas to advance. It must be designed to provide community driven down-to-earth services, that provide attainable jobs skills which can accomplish attainable goals.