The recent documentary film called The Life You Want about a young aboriginal woman’s battle to overcome OxyContin addiction really paints a bleak picture of how boring and unhealthy it is to live on an isolated northern reserve. Who wouldn’t want to get zoned out in a pitiful place like that? Maybe it’s time to think about moving to communities where young people can get an education and have something more stimulating to do in their spare time then get stoned.

As usual, band leaders are blaming everyone but themselves for what is going on, even to the point making stupid noises about taking their case to the United Nations. Hello people, it’s time to police yourselves. You can’t tell me that nobody knows who is bringing this stuff into the reserves. Why not follow the example of the Mistawasis First Nation, near Prince Albert and evict the traffickers from your land. Then you might find outside agencies more willing to step in and give you a hand.