The latest sensationalist gambit being deployed by Chief Spence from the Attiswapiskat First Nation, does nothing to improve the lives of aboriginal Canadians in Canada. This is the chief who through her questionable council management policies allowed deplorable housing conditions to grow on her turf until Federal emergency shelters had to be shipped up to the isolated northern reserve in the middle of last winter. Really good planning, eh!

Rather than instituting training programs to employ the young people in her community to maintain and build their own housing on a sustainable basis, Chief Spence follows in the steps of Shaun Atleo and the Assembly of First Nations to agitate for more unaccountable political power rather than accomplishing anything of real use on the ground. I’d say, have a good meal, take a hot shower and get back to work. Show us what you can do to create positive change and a brighter future for your young people rather than grandstanding to hide your own shortcomings. Either that, or get out of the way so someone else can lead the way.