Ever since the Indian Act of 1876 was proclaimed, Reservations in Canada have been deemed to be communal land with no private ownership available to individuals.http://www.theglobeandmail.com/search/?q=Private+Property+push+for+reserves&searchField=keywords&searchQuery=*%3A  The Conservative government is now considering a change in the law which would allow aboriginals on reservations to buy their own homes as an alternative towards encouraging individual self sufficiency and independence through ownership of private property.

As usual there are some including the Assembly of First Nations who are suspicious that such a move would dilute their power and have come out against it. However, the status quo is not working as evidenced by the deplorable living conditions at Attawapiskat and on other reservations across the country. All options must be open for individuals living on reservations to gain more control over the decisions which affect their daily lives, including housing.

With private home-ownership making up the majority of the net worth accumulated by most Canadians over a lifetime, why shouldn’t aboriginal Canadians be given the same opportunity to create and build wealth for the future prosperity of their families?