The St Eugune Mission Indian Residential School which was built in 1910, has now been turned into a five star golf resort and hotel near Cranbrook, British Columbia. The business was set up to provide gainful employment for young aboriginals. My wife and I stayed at the hotel last night and while we were impressed with the new structural renovations and the great service we received, we were surprised to see that most of the staff were not aboriginal. Upon inquiring from the few aboriginal workers why this was the case, I was told that “the young people just aren’t interested in this type of work.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Why is this and why aren’t aboriginal leaders taking charge and doing something about it? Could it be practices as ludicrous as the lump sum royalty payments that bands like the Samson Cree (July 12, 2011) give out to all their youth when they turn eighteen years old. This non-sensical policy does nothing but fuel alcoholism and drug addiction problems and when the kids on other reserves go on Facebook and see all this easy money being thrown around, it’s not hard to see why these apathetic and depressing attitudes exist. Chief Atleo, are you listening?