The KISS Rule aka Keep It Simple Stupid, is mostly ignored by bureaucrats and politicians of all stripes who tend to propose overly complex, less achievable solutions to problems as a way of promoting their own agendas or careers rather than solving the basic problems on the ground.

The deplorable state of Aboriginal Housing is a perfect example. Rather than building well equipped workshops to train and pay young people in the community to build and maintain their community housing, Government and First Nations beaurucrats point fingers of blame at each other while clamoring for more meetings that solve nothing. It’s time to wake up people! Keep It Simple and get something done.

The crisis in Attawapiskat didn’t happen overnight. It was manufactured over many years by negligent and incompetant First Nations and Government employees , who refused to take the small simple steps which would have gradually improved the situation over the long term.

By default, they are proposing another band-aid solution of sending up fifteen prefabricated modular homes that I guarantee will start falling apart next spring because nobody in the community has the knowledge or the vested interest to maintain them.

When I propose a simple achievable solution like building all-weather construction sheds in these communities where young people could learn the tools of all the practical trades as well as earn a good living by actively building and maintaining their community shelters, I’m ignored by elitest media outlets, First Nations Councils and Government employees because its not a sexy enough solution. Give me a break!