The elders and chiefs that run the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) finally found a flimsy reason to get revenge on their chairperson Guy Lonechild by firing him for allegedly covering up a drinking and driving charge in 2009. Troubling though this may be, the real reason appears to be pay-back for the fact that Lonechild uncovered a financial mess at the First Nations University in Regina and fired the board, embarrasing many of the same incompetant people who run the Federation. Lonechild took his case to court, where a judge overturned their attempt to cashier him, but when Lonechild returned to work he found that the keys to his office had been changed and he couldn’t get in. Several days later he accepted a $500,000.00 severance package and walked. Who knows what threats may have been uttered behind closed doors. It’s also shocking how these guys just throw taxpayers’ money around, as if they’d earned it themselves.

The chiefs of Ontario, Saskatchewan and Quebec have recently also refused to work with a panel set up by AFN chief Shaun Atleo and John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs which will recommend ways to improve the nation’s 500 on-reserve schools. Why would they refuse to even work with the panel to find solutions to a 60% drop out rate? Because it serves them fine when most aboriginal youth are illiterate and unable to challenge their self serving ways. Here’s hoping guys like Shaun Atleo and Guy Lonechild find support within the larger aboriginal community becauase they are the ones who are trying to arrive at realistic solutions for aboriginal youth rather than just feathering their own nests.