Dental Society Midwinter Meeting a Success

The Vancouver and District Dental Society held their annual midwinter meeting at the Hotel Vancouver on Dec 2. Several local dentists spoke on their areas of expertise while on the commercial exhibit floor, live televised dental implant procedures were presented. I had the opportunity to spend time at the Life Members Booth where I sold copies of Teeth, Lies and Consequences with 25% of the proceeds going towards the Semiahmoo Dental Outreach Society.

I was very gratified with the generous response and plan to repeat this effort at the much larger Pacific Dental Conference  being held at the Vancouver Convention Centre – March 9-11, 2017.

Who’s Who: G is for Dan Green on BCBookLook

I am pleased to announce that I have been profiled under the Who’s Who Section of, an online news service that provides electronic access to the B.C. BookWorld newspaper. This paper is published four times per year and is the hub of the publishing industry in British Columbia.

The goal of BCBookLook  is to serve the B.C. publishing industry by  providing as much useful information as possible, about as many B.C. books and authors as possible, to as many people as possible, on a daily basis, via the internet. Together with the ABCBookWorld reference service, which serves and promotes B.C authors, the two sites attract more than 4000 visitors per day.

Dental Society Fundraiser

My daughter and cover designer along with myself will be attending the Vancouver and District Dental Society Midwinter Convention at the Hotel Vancouver on December 2. We will be introducing the novel, “Teeth, Lies & Consequences” to dentists and their staff from the lower mainland and other parts of the province. This will be our first big push to raise money and enlist volunteers for the Semiahmoo Dental Outreach Society. $5.00 from the sale of each book will going towards the tremendous humanitarian work being done by Doctor Ken Stones and his merry band of volunteers who are presently taking care of children in the Philippines.

Five Star Amazon Reviews of Teeth, Lies & Consequences

I’m gratified by the first two five star reviews on and that both readers found the depth of emotion and meaning that I tried to express about religious strife and unconditional love. I’ll be looking forward to more feedback in the coming weeks.

Book Distribution

I am pleased to announce that both my new novel, Teeth, Lies & Consequences as well as Blue Saltwater will be distributed to most libraries and major bookstores by Red Tuque Books Inc. which is operated by fellow author, David Korinetz from Penticton, BC. See for more information on their catalogue.

The Third Option: Teeth, Lies & Consequences

In the closing pages of T L & C as Frankie and Friedrich board a plane for Los Angeles, Frankie shares his plan of returning to Israel to open dental clinics in Israeli Muslim Communities and in the “third world” communities of new Jewish immigrants from Muslim countries.

His dream is to promote a third option of hope and reconciliation to the dominating themes of hate and revenge that govern the lives of both Jewish and Palestinian citizens in Israel.

Promoting Hope and Reconciliation may seem like a worn out cliché but in the Middle East these days it is a concept that is sadly lacking on both sides of the conflict. Maybe this story, in its own small way, can help to change that.

Teeth, Lies & Consequences: Title Launch

It’s been about two weeks since this new title saw the light of day on and Kindle. Now it is also available on making it easier to access for Canadian readers. I am also working with David Korinetz, of Red Tuque Books Inc. which will be distributing the book to bookstores and libraries in Canada and the US. Hopefully by the end of the year all channels will be up and running.

Teeth, Lies & Consequences

coverbook1    coverbook2

I’m excited to announce that my new novel, “Teeth, Lies & Consequences”, is now available on and on the Kindle Store. It is the story of a dentist who takes an oath to never reveal a secret but then must go against his word to save the life of his son. More detailed information can be seen on the website.

I am working with a distributor to have books available in bookstores but this is still a work-in-progress and may not happen until sometime in the new year. For those of you in Vancouver, I hope to have books available for direct sale from me in December for $25.00 CDN. Due to the prohibitive cost, I cannot do mail-outs unless prepaid. According to Canada Post, envelope cost and mailing for this book is around $14.00-17.00 per copy in Canada and around $18.00 to the US. Best deal as usual is the Kindle e-book.

For the next four months, I will be donating $5.00 CDN from the purchase of each print copy and $2.50 CDN from the purchase of each Kindle copy to the Semiahmoo Dental Outreach which is directed by my classmate and old friend, Dr. Ken Stones from White Rock, BC. All the funds generated will go toward supporting his humanitarian projects in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Tanzania and Kenya. See for more information.

If you enjoy the book, please provide a short review on to drive the algorithm and generate interest and hopefully sales. Feel free to share this with all your friends. Any feedback you may have after reading would be much appreciated.

Surrey Writers’ Conference

I’m attending the annual Surrey Writers’ Conference today and looking forward to attending several stimulating workshops along with meeting Literary Agent, Jill Marr for a one-on-one pitch session telling her about my new novel, Teeth, Lies & Consequences.

The Davin Report: Where It All Started.

After the passage of the first Indian Act in 1876, Prime Minister John A. MacDonald commissioned Mister Nicholas Flood Davin to study the workings of the Industrial Indian Boarding Schools in the United States. Davin travelled to the south and was particularly impressed with the school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where the founder, Richard Henry Pratt claimed that he had discovered a new way to deal with the “Indian Problem”–by education and assimilation.  On March 14, 1879, Davin delivered his seventeen page report to The Minister of the Interior where he recommended the funding of four schools in the West to be operated by different religious institutions. The report provides a fascinating insight into the Colonial Mindset of governments at the time and should be required reading for all students studying this sad period of Canadian history.